5 Reasons to Include Vanity in Your Weekend Plans

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When you’re searching for things to do in San Francisco, there’s no shortage of options,  especially after dark. San Francisco nightlife is famous as being one of the most diverse and exciting party scenes in the world, offering up incredible times for all. But while there are plenty of Bay Area nightclubs, and bars to choose from, there’s nothing worse than wasting your weekend night on a spot that just doesn’t measure up.

Luckily, Vanity San Francisco has arrived to change your weekend forever, inviting you to join in on an unforgettable nightlife experience that’s unlike anything else the Bay Area has ever seen. With two floors, a world-class sound and lighting system, and a unique venue setup that structured to host everything from iconic guest DJs to next-level performers, Vanity San Francisco has all the party-ready elements you could ever want.

If you’re still deciding what to do in San Francisco this weekend, here are five reasons that Vanity SF should make the list:

1.    Get Your Girls Together for a Well-Deserved Night Out

You and your best girlfriends can probably have a great time just about anywhere, but a girls’ night out at Vanity SF will put all your other hangout spots to shame.  Plus, we’re one of the few San Francisco after-hours nightclubs, meaning that you can keep the good times going until 4 am.

2.    Round-Up the Crew for a Guys-Only Get-Together

Put an end to the lame guys’ nights at the local sports bar and come to Vanity SF instead, where you and your friends will enjoy a night that you’ll be talking about for years to come. San Francisco’s most beautiful people are always on the Vanity SF guest, setting you up for solid people watching and plenty of potential new connections.

3.    Celebrate a Birthday with a Blowout Bash

Everybody deserves a birthday party that starts their next year off on the right foot, and there’s no celebration that can measure up to a weekend at Vanity SF. Treat guests to VIP bottle service to honor the birthday girl or guy, then keep everyone dancing until the early morning hours.

4.    Meet New People in an Exciting Atmosphere

Maybe you’re new to San Francisco, or maybe you’re someone who’s always open to new friends and faces. Either way, there’s no better place to expand your friend group than Vanity SF, where you can get to know fellow partiers in a fun-loving venue. Hit the dance floor, throw back a few shots or bond over your shared loved for world-famous guest DJ of the night – you just never know when you’ll meet a kindred party spirit.

5.    Leave the Work Week Behind and Do the Weekend Right

We’ve all had days, weeks, and even months at work that we’d like to leave far behind us, so why not party your cares away at Vanity SF? Our staff is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service that will leave you feeling like a well-pampered party VIP, making it easy to kick back and enjoy the finer – and more fun – things in life.

Plan an Epic Weekend Night Out at Vanity San Francisco

Are you ready to take your Friday and Saturday nights to the next level of fun? At Vanity SF, we’re welcoming you to leave your reservations at the door and experience the very best of San Francisco nightlife.

Make your reservations online today to book VIP table service and other party perks for your night out at Vanity San Francisco.

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