How to Celebrate NYE in Style in San Francisco

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New Year’s Eve is so much more than just another night out on the town – and this year, we aren’t just kicking off a new year, we’re starting a completely fresh decade. What better time to raise the bar for your New Year’s Eve celebrations and make it an event to remember?

San Francisco’s nightlife scene is already legendary, known for being host to many of the world’s best parties. NYE San Francisco is even more epic, making it one of the ultimate cities to ring in the new year in style. If you’re hoping to get yourself into the top events for New Year’s Eve San Francisco has to offer, here’s a short and sweet guide to making this party your best one yet.

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Look for a Venue with a Party-Worthy Entertainment Lineup

What’s a New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco without world-class entertainment? You might find the standard nightclub soundtrack acceptable for any other night of the year, but NYE requires something bigger and better. At Vanity San Francisco, we’re doing New Year’s Eve right by welcoming none other than DJ Scene and Ryan Lucero to party with us.

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Make Sure You Get on the Guest List

Don’t assume that you’ll be able to just walk right into the hottest New Year’s Eve events in San Francisco, because you might just end up being turned away. Instead of leaving your plans for the last minute, get ahead of the game and reserve a spot on the guestlist now. If you can purchase your tickets in advance, that’s your best course of action, especially if you’re attending a party with a big-name DJ or performer.

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Treat Your Party Crew to VIP Bottle Service…

Sure, you could head to the bar for a new drink every time you run empty – or, you and your friends could enjoy the luxury of VIP bottle service. When it comes to indulging in top-shelf liquor, there are few occasions that seem more appropriate than New Year’s Eve. If not then, then when? Look for a San Francisco nightclub with a well-rounded bottle service menu, so you and your crew have plenty of options for drinks.

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…Or Choose a Venue with an Open Bar

Don’t think that bottle service is in the cards this year? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time for New Year’s Eve. A handful of venues (including Vanity San Francisco) offer an open bar with the purchase of special event tickets, so you’ll still be able to keep the good times – and the premium liquor – flowing well into the early morning hours.

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Upgrade to a VIP Table for an Unforgettable Night

When you think about your dream night out, it’s probably something that hits the perfect balance of an intimate night with friends and a blowout bash with the entire nightclub. A VIP table is an ideal option for experiencing the best of both worlds, putting you in the center of the actions while still giving you and your group some space to relax.

Resolve to Upgrade Your Nightlife Experience in 2020

At Vanity San Francisco, our vision is to offer a nightlife experience that invites all our guests to “misplace their inhibitions” and enjoy a night that no other venue in San Francisco can offer. When you’re making your New Year’s resolutions for 2020, why not promise yourself that you’ll be partying like a true VIP every time you go out?

Mark your calendar now for our New Year’s Eve grand opening bash and plan to sail into 2020 in style.

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